Lax Wax was formulated out of necessity…

We at Lax Wax have spent time with MLL, NLL, NCAA and High School players as well as Post Collegiate Hacks and the old timers to develop the patented Lax Wax formula available today. We are lacrosse players that manufacturers wax. We understand how wax works and how it bonds to nylon, leather and cotton. It is made in the USA by lacrosse players for lacrosse players.

Patented Lax Wax was developed because New England can have insane weather during the lacrosse season. Not only in the North East, but anywhere there is lacrosse the weather changes daily/hourly. It can be 70 degrees at the start of the game but then snow, sleet & rain 30 minutes later. By using Lax Wax, you don't need to be concerned because your gamers pocket is not going to adjust if it gets wet. It will provide tack for your synthetic meshes. With Lax Wax, you can apply during the game from the sidelines and its effective immediately. No stringing. No breaking in. Its ready in seconds.

In its easy to use twist up applicator, Lax Wax applies evenly and throughly throughout your mesh (hard or soft) or traditional pocket. You can replace the cap and use the tube to work the wax deeper into the strings of your stick. Your pocket will feel the same as it did before but with a more control, increased shot velocity and element-proofing. Lax Wax is an essential tool for any lacrosse players bag.