What is Lax Wax:

Lax Wax is a wax-based solution that players manually apply in the pocket of

their lacrosse stick. Lax Wax works in traditional, hard or soft mesh to help

protect the pocket and strings from getting saturated with the elements, like water

& mud, while providing tack for ball control. In addition, when Lax Wax is used

with a hard mesh, it makes it feel like a soft mesh as the wax gives the player

more control. If the player plays with a soft mesh, the wax helps the ball release

like a hard mesh and assist in an increased release velocity.

How it works:

Lax Wax penetrates the strings of the pocket as well as the

sidewalls and shooting strings to cover the entire pocket. The user controls the

amount and can reapply at any time in seconds.

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Why Lax Wax:

With Lax Wax you can take a stick off the rack or your existing

stick, no matter the pocket, apply and in seconds it is ready. If used on an

existing stick, there is no break in time necessary and the player already knows

how the stick will throw.

In the illustration above, the left image is a cross-section of a woven strand of your mesh, sidewall or shooter (represented in WHITE). The RED represents Lax Wax and how it surrounds the strands of woven fibers as shown in the right image